Hello! I'm Courtney.

Not Eliza Jane. (For that would be my great-grandma). I’m a history nerd, bearer of random facts, world traveler, INFP, and a 5W6.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s cut to the chase. You and I both know that you probably don’t care too much to read a novel-length formal bio in paragraph form about me (unless you do, then in that case: sorry—ain’t happenin’) or about how four score and seven years ago I picked up a camera for the first time and began my love affair with all things photography began (although it was more like 22 years ago). So instead I’ll just cover the salient points about me with bullet points. Because I mean really, who doesn’t love a bullet pointed list?

• I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and my Christian faith is super important to me.
• After about three months, I’m usually ready to fly out of the country again. #Wanderlust
• FOOD IS MY LOVE LANGUAGE (all caps for the people in the back). The key to my happiness is through a plate of food.
• I am a native Kansan (save the Wizard of Oz jokes), and according to some people, I sound like the Midwesterner that I am (but do we really have accents, though?)
• My initials are CCC. In high school, my math teacher used to call me C-Cubed, because well, he was a math teacher.
• Speaking of languages, I can speak a liiiiittle bit of Hindi ( थोड़ा). By the way, मैं भी देवनागरी लिपि में लिख सकती हूं। translation: I can also write in Devanagari script.
• 저는 한년 반 동안 한국에 살아서 읽고 쓰고 말하고 한국어를 배웠어요. translation: I lived in Korea for a year and a half and learned to read, write, and speak Korean. *I’m not that great at it though.
• In case you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a linguaphile.
• I laugh at any and EVERY thing.
• My aversion for brown beverages runs deep.

People seem to find me entertaining. If you do too, then I’m pretty sure we’ll get along just fine. 🙂

I’ve visited 20 countries: The Bahamas, India, UK, France, Haiti, Turkey, Italy, Vatican City, Israel, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Morocco, South Korea, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, and Austria!

I’ve had great experiences in all of the countries I’ve traveled to, but Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, and India were by far my favorites!