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Dear 2017, It’s So Nice To Meet You : International Destination Wedding Photographer

What a difference a year makes! I can’t believe that it is 2017 already! 2016 was full of so many wonderful and life changing experiences. This time a year ago, I was a little over five months into my one-year stay in London (which is hands down, one of my absolutely favorite cities), serving with my church. I got to travel to three new countries: Turkey, Italy, and Israel; I fell in love with my all-time favorite city of Rome (I would love to photograph a wedding there!), fulfilled my dream of vacationing in the French Riviera when I got to travel to Nice for my birthday this past June, I was able to photograph my first Nigerian wedding, which was a BLAST (blog post from that wedding coming soon)…

…and I was able to fulfill another one of my dreams by photographing a session in front of Big Ben and the London Eye.

After my one year away, I returned to sunny Los Angeles. It’s so nice to be 15 minutes away from the ocean again 🙂 The Pacific Ocean views are a far cry from what I was used to seeing from my home state of Kansas.

So here are a few of my 2016 highlights in photo form:
2017 international destination wedding photographer

2017 international destination wedding photographer

2017 international destination wedding photographer

There are so many things I hope to accomplish and experience this year! Some of those things are (but not limited to):
-Photographing more Nigerian weddings
-Photographing more South Asian weddings
-Travel to Finland (I really want to see the Northern Lights from those little glass igloos)
-Photographing a wedding in Greece
-Travel back to India
-Officially be a full-time wedding photographer
-Serving on another mission trip
-I would really love to photograph at Wayfarer’s Chapel

Optimistic would be my word for 2017. I can’t wait to see what is in store!



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