Engagement Session Locations in LA

As you prepare for your engagement session, you will have a lot of choices to make: what you want to wear, how your hair will be, when your session will be, and very importantly, where it will be. Having your engagement session in LA means that you have a whole host of places within arm’s reach where you can document your love. Here are my top seven spots in the LA area.

1. Anywhere in Palos Verdes
I mean seriously. I find myself here ALL the time. Palos Verdes is so beautiful! Stunning ocean views, there’s not a whole lot of traffic compared to other popular engagement session locations throughout LA, and it’s just an all around gorgeous place. With places like Malaga Cove, Terranea Resort, and Point Vicente Park, you are guaranteed to find a nice, quiet, and intimate engagement session for you and your love. It’s A-MAZING.

2. Griffith Observatory
Want gorgeous views of Downtown LA (and all of LA) without being in Downtown LA? Griffith Observatory is the place to do it. Located in the Santa Monica mountains, this observatory is a beauty in and of itself and it hosts a number of different places on the premises where you can have some awesome backdrops in your photos.

3. Vasquez Rocks
I LOOOVE Vasquez Rocks! It is a little bit of a trip if you’re coming from LA (or any place south of LA) but I’m telling you, the trip is SO worth it. Here you can get all the desert-y vibes without having to go out to the desert. And you also get to see some amazing rock formations and have lots of open spaces to take advantage of.

4. Terranea Resort
Did I mention how much I love Palos Verdes? Terranea is a picturesque resort that sits on the cliffs of Palos Verdes with dream worthy views of the Pacific Ocean (and Catalina Island on a clear day). There are a lot of scenic trails as well as a beautiful little cove that can help provide for some stunning photos.

5. Venice Canals
The Venice Canals are not only a popular tourist attraction in LA but a popular engagement session as well. Situated in a Venice Beach neighborhood, you will be able to canal and waterway shots without having to make the trek across the Atlantic!

6. Pasadena City Hall
Pasadena City Hall is such a beautiful location. With its Spanish-style architecture along with the arches and the fountains in the courtyard, you are sure to have an incredible location for your photos if you choose to do your engagement session here.

7. El Matador Beach
El Matador Beach is one of my personal faves! I have not seen another beach like it. There’s lots of cozy spots on the beach and in between the rocks that decorate the coast line.

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