Meet Courtney

Hello! I’m Courtney.
Not Eliza Jane. (For that would be my great-grandma).

I am an international destination wedding and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. I am so blessed that I’ve been able to merge my obsession with love of traveling along with the incredible opportunity to capture people’s love and producing images that future generations will be able to see and experience. Since 2008, I have photographed portraits in India, Haiti, Italy, Portugal, and France as well as weddings in the UK, the Bahamas, and of course the good ol’ United States (looking forward to adding more to the list!).

My love of photography began when I was 15-years-old and was finally was able to use my mother’s camera. Growing up, my mother had never let me touch her camera because she didn’t want me to break it, which I find to be very ironic now. There was an ice storm (which is kind of the norm during the winter months in my home state of Kansas) and the way the sun lit the icicles was the kind of sight you could only dream of. So my mom had let me take a photo of the icicles in the backyard and I was in awe. A few years later, I photographed my college roommate and from there, I never put my camera down. It was when I photographed my first wedding in 2010 that I knew that I found my passion: wedding photography.

I am so incredibly humbled to be able to live out what I love–traveling and documenting people. Their love, their lives, their stories. It’s such an awesome responsibility, one that I do not take lightly. I put my entire heart and soul into every photo I capture. I can’t wait to capture your story!