Tandoor Banquet + Bar Lake Forest : Sangeet


I am all about colors and decor, so naturally I was totally enchanted when I walked into the decorated reception hall of Tandoor Banquet and Bar. Saadia Kibriya and her team at Kismet Event Design are truly gifted in hteir ability to transform blank-canvas rooms into works of art! The design as well ...

Tuesday Tips: Location, location


There are quite a few factors to consider when preparing for your photo shoot; whethere it is for your portrait session, engagement session, and even for your wedding day portraits. Factors such and the time of day, outfits, hairstyles, and lastly (but certainly not least) the location of your sessi ...

Travel Thursday : Florence, Italy


The next stop on my Tour of Italy brings us to the historic and enchanting city of Florence, which is located in Tuscany. The architecture was stunning and the city is absolutely gorgeous. One of the things I loved about Florence (which is what I love about the entire country of Italy) is the feelin ...

Solitude Mountain Resort Wedding : James + Taylor


For quite a long while, I had really, really, really wanted to photograph a wedding in the mountains. I have photographed weddings on the beach, in the rain, in the blistering cold, in insane heat, but I had yet to photograph a wedding in the snow and in the mountains. So having the opportunity to p ...

Tuesday Tips: Unplugged Ceremonies


With the advent and accessibility of phones and tablets, documenting momentous events in our lives has become as easy as it has ever been. I, for one, think that's pretty awesome. The inner historian in me thinks that it is super cool that people are able to capture their own little bits of history ...

Tuesday Tips: Engagement Sessions


Some of you soon-to-be wed couples may be wondering: "Should we even do an engagement session?" My answer to that is a resounding "YES"! I am a very big fan of engagement sessions and as your wedding photographer, here's why I highly recommend them: • We will get to know each other! As I'll be o ...

Travel Thursday: Venice, Italy


Oh, how much do I love the enchanting country of Italy? Let me count the ways! I've had the opportunity to travel to Italy on two different occasions. My first trip to Italy brought me to the beautiful and historic city of Venice. I got quite a bit of exercise while in Venice, as there are no ca ...

Travel Thursday: Portugal + Spain


Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the Portugal and Spain! While there, I visited Lisbon, Seville, and Madrid (with pit stops in Évora and Córdoba). Portugal and Spain are such beautiful countries (with WONDERFUL FOOD) and I'm so happy that I was able to spend some time there. What I lo ...

Tuesday Tips: Considering A First Look


For those of you who know me know that I am such a fan of first looks! If you aren't familiar with what a first look is, it is when a couple opts to see one another before the ceremony. I know some of you might be asking yourselves, "What?!?! Why in the world would we want to see each another before ...