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Tuesday Tips: From Bride to Bride (pt. 1)

As you embark upon the crazy/hectic/wonderful world of planning your wedding, i tis really easy to feel overwhelmed. There’s so much to do: so much to plan, so many minor details that you probably never would’ve even thought of are now your top priorities, etc. I mean, this most likely the first (and last) time you’ll ever have to go through the process for yourself so it’s totally understandable if you don’t know where to start (or where to get help).

In my experience, it’s always really helpful when you can hear advice from someone who’s been in your shoes before and made it through to tell the tale. And for your wedding, it would be no different. Receiving advice from previous brides can provide invaluable insight for our wedding day.

So in this first installment of “From Bride to Bride:, I will be sharing a few tips as you journey through your wedding process courtesy of one of my lovely previous brides, Angel, who married the love of her life Sam on October 5, 2014:

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The biggest piece of advice I can give would be to: relax and enjoy. The day passes by so quickly, even the most prepared person will notice that the clock does not stop clicking. Before you know it – it’s midnight and you’re tired and ready to sleep for centuries. So instead of worrying about the small mishaps (believe me there will be mishaps) just take it in, look around, and admire the people that came to share this day with you. Now with that said – here are a few of things I did or wish I did:

Hire A Wedding Planner

OMG! The best decision in the world. To save a bit, we hired a wedding planner for the day before and the day of. When I tell you, I did not have to worry about a single thing, I mean it! My wedding planner was amazing. She handled every vendor issue, guest inquiry, and faulty zipper. The day of, I truly had the opportunity to just relax and take it all in. I would totally do it again. If I were a little less type A, I might have even had her help in the planning from the beginning.

los angeles international destination wedding photographer tuesday tips bride to bride advice

Hire A Videographer

Okay, so they are a bit pricey – especially after you add up all your other expenses but I totally regret not having a videographer. We have some of the most stunning photos – kudos to Courtney of Eliza Jane. I love displaying my photos around the house and grabbing the photo album when I need a little pick me up. But, I wish I had some live action memories. We had a band and my sister sang to us that evening. How great that would have been to have recorded. I can only try to remember with my fading memory.

los angeles international destination wedding photographer tuesday tips bride to bride advice

Prepare for Empty Tables

So, you have spent your $25 a plate fee and you are strapped for cash but very happy you have most of the important people in your life RSVP’d. But, when things have settled down and you look around the room and there is, collectively, a table empty. Where are those people? Who are those people? You felt so bad you had to deny cousin Troy and his new girlfriend because you did not have space yet these fools decided not to show and with no heads up. $250 plus down the drain and you are fuming! Don’t be – it is bound to happen. You will have at least a couple or two – or five not show. Prepare now for it. Do not stress over it. Do not comb through the crowd to see if you can determine who is missing. And please do not hold a grudge after the event. It’s not worth it – the people that could be there deserve your full attention.

I hope this little tidbit of advice helps you enjoy your day as much as I did mine. Thank you again, Courtney, for helping me capture memories of my wedding. It makes everything so much better when you have vendors that are easy to work with and that help you relax and enjoy your day!

los angeles international destination wedding photographer tuesday tips bride to bride advice