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Vox Theater Kansas City Wedding : Gene + Joslyn

So I have been looking forward to Gene and Joslyn’s wedding for a very long time! They are such good, genuine, and beautiful people (on the inside and out) and it has been my pleasure getting to know them over the past few months. Just by knowing them and hearing what they had planned for their wedding day, I knew it was going to pretty much be one big party and they definitely did not disappoint! I had SO MUCH fun and I even got to do the Wobble and the Cupid Shuffle one time before leaving, lol.

Gene and Joslyn went with a Grammy theme for their day which was absolutely perfect for them. Gene is a rapper and Joslyn sings and it is music that brought them to together. They connected through music when they met each other four years ago in a parking lot. Joslyn sang a song for Gene and they agreed to meet up to work on some music. When Joslyn met up with Gene totally unprepared to work on music (she didn’t bring a pen or any paper to write–tsk, tsk Joslyn lol 😉 ) things only progressed from there 😀

Almost a year after getting engaged in Las Vegas, Gene and Joslyn were wed in front of their close family and friends at Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri. Their reception was at the beautiful Vox Theatre in Kansas City, Kansas. Many thanks to my second shooter Casey Wright for all of her help throughout the day!

Joslyn getting ready!

Casey captured shots of Gene while he was getting ready.

Gene and Joslyn opted to see each other before the ceremony. This freed up a lot of time to do some more creative shots and enabled us to make it to the reception even sooner after the ceremony! These next few shots are the first time they saw each other on their wedding day 🙂

How the rings made it down the aisle.

Joslyn and Gene’s mothers right as the ceremony was starting.

First dances.

I was really fighting back tears as Gene danced with his mom!

And below is a slideshow from some of their images from throughout their wedding day!

Gene and Joslyn I had so much fun spending your day with you and your families! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see you again!




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