Color Palette Ideas : Jewel Tones


When it comes to wedding planning, selecting the perfect color palette is one of the most exciting yet challenging decisions. If you’re a couple with a penchant for drama, romance, and bold aesthetics, we’ve got a captivating color palette just for you. Introducing a wedding color palette that marries deep, passionate hues with a touch of elegance, resulting in a truly unforgettable celebration. This palette is indicated by the colors and their color codes.

1. Midnight Blue (#042848)


Midnight blue, a rich and regal shade, forms the foundation of this striking palette. It symbolizes depth and sophistication, setting the tone for an opulent and romantic affair.

Pro Tip: Incorporate midnight blue in your wedding invitations, groom’s attire, and bridesmaid dresses for a touch of drama and elegance.

2. Deep Crimson (#7C1224)


Deep crimson adds a passionate and intense note to your color scheme. This sumptuous red hue invokes feelings of love and desire, making it perfect for a wedding.

Pro Tip: Adorn your bouquet with deep crimson flowers or use it in your reception table decor to infuse romance into your celebration.

3. Burgundy Wine (#8F1D2A)


Burgundy wine, a deep and luxurious shade, complements both midnight blue and deep crimson flawlessly. It adds a velvety texture to your palette, exuding opulence.

Pro Tip: Choose burgundy wine as your main accent color for your wedding cake or stationery to create a cohesive look.

4. Fiery Orange (#BF3D23)


Fiery orange infuses a burst of energy and warmth into your color scheme. This bold and vibrant hue brings a sense of vitality and excitement to your wedding.

Pro Tip: Use fiery orange in your wedding floral arrangements, particularly in boutonnieres and corsages, to create visual interest.

5. Golden Amber (#D16219)


Golden amber adds a touch of luxury and radiance to your palette. It symbolizes warmth, happiness, and a bright future for you and your partner.

Pro Tip: Incorporate golden amber into your wedding decor, such as table settings and candles, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Bringing It All Together

This bold and romantic wedding color palette is for couples who want to make a statement and create an unforgettable celebration. The deep, passionate hues combined with elegant touches evoke an atmosphere of drama and sophistication.

Decor Ideas:

  • Use midnight blue tablecloths with deep crimson napkins for a bold and luxurious reception setting.
  • Incorporate burgundy wine in your wedding attire, such as bow ties for groomsmen or ribbons in the bride’s bouquet.
  • Fiery orange accents in your wedding signage and stationery can add vibrancy and create a focal point.
  • Golden amber can be featured in your wedding favors, adding a touch of glamour to your celebration.

By embracing these bold and romantic colors, your wedding will be a visual treat for both you and your guests. It’s a palette that celebrates the passionate love you share while infusing a sense of elegance and grandeur into your special day. Embrace the drama, the romance, and the opulence, and watch as your wedding becomes an unforgettable masterpiece.