Color + Style Tips for Your Engagement Session

Choosing the right style and colors for your engagement session outfits is crucial for achieving beautiful and cohesive photos. When making your style choices, it is important that you making clothing and styling choices that will empower you to be the most you you can be. You want to feel comfortable and confident.

Here are some style and color guide tips for what to wear during an engagement session:

Style Tips:

  1. Coordinate, Don’t Match:
    Avoid wearing identical outfits. Instead, choose complementary colors and styles that reflect your individual personalities while harmonizing together.
  2. We were in a very rustic and natural location, and their clothing reflects that.

    Dress for the Location: Consider the location of your photoshoot. If it’s in a formal setting, like a cityscape, opt for dressier attire. For a casual outdoor shoot, choose more relaxed clothing. Also keep in mind your location when you are choosing your shoes. High heeled shoes on a beach or going up a rocky hill might not be very practical.

  3. Comfort is Key: You’ll likely be moving around and posing, so prioritize comfort. Ensure your outfits allow for natural movements without any discomfort. Flowy clothing facilitates lots of free movement as well.
  4. Accessorize: Accessories can add a pop of style and personality. Consider statement necklaces, hats, scarves, or even a bouquet of flowers for a rustic touch.
  5. Timeless vs. Trendy: Think about whether you want your photos to have a timeless look or reflect current fashion trends. While trendy outfits can be fun, they may feel dated in a few years.

Color Guide Tips:

  1. Neutrals: Neutrals like white, cream, beige, gray, and soft pastels are timeless choices that work well in almost any setting.
  2. Complementary Colors: Consider the color wheel when choosing your outfits. Complementary colors (those opposite each other on the wheel) can create striking and visually pleasing combinations. For example, blue and orange, or purple and yellow.

    Earth tones are perfect for fall.
  3. Tonal Palette: Opt for outfits in the same color family but with varying shades. This creates a cohesive and visually pleasing look without being too matchy-matchy.
  4. Avoid Neon and Bright Colors: Extremely bright or neon colors can cast odd reflections on your skin and be distracting
    in photos. Opt for softer and muted versions of your favorite colors.
  5. Consider the Season: Think about the season in which you’re having your engagement session. Earthy tones work well for fall, pastels for spring, and vibrant colors for summer.
  6. Bold Accent Colors: Incorporate one or two bold accent colors into your outfits to add visual interest. For instance, a bright scarf, tie, or statement shoes.
  7. Check the Background: If you know the color scheme of your photoshoot location, try to choose outfits that complement or contrast nicely with the background.
  8. Avoid Logos and Busy Patterns: Busy patterns and logos can distract from the main focus of the photos, which should be you and your partner. Opt for simple, classic patterns or solid colors instead.



Another thing to keep in mind when choosing what to wear is your skin tone. Certain colors really complement certain skin tones better than others.

If you have a cooler skin tone, these colors tend to complement your skin tone best:

  • Emerald
  • Deep purple
  • Lavender
  • Pink
  • Ice blue
  • Bright blue
  • Pale yellow
  • Rose red
  • Ruby

If you have a warmer skin tone, these colors tend to complement your skin tone best:

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Mustard yellow
  • Warm reds
  • Peach
  • Coral
  • Amber
  • Gold
  • Olive
  • Orchid
  • Violet-red
  • Moss
These two have a warmer skin tone and are wearing colors that bring out their tones. Also, their outfits complementing each other. She’s wearing red and he has a red element to his outfit, which really ties it all together.


Ultimately, your engagement session outfits should reflect your personalities and style as a couple while harmonizing with the setting. When planning your engagement shoot, we can also provide additional guidance based on experience and the specific location of your shoot.