Engagement Session Checklist

Planning for your engagement session can be exciting, but it’s important to stay organized to ensure everything runs smoothly. You might be unsure of how to get started. To remedy that, we’ve put together a checklist to help you prepare:

1. Set a Date and Location:

We will communicate to find a date and time that works best.  We will also brainstorm a location for your photoshoot. We recommend that you consider places that hold meaning to your relationship. Places with visually appealing backdrops are great too. If you’re unable to think of a place, we will have recommendations as well.

2. Outfit Selection:

When choosing your outfits for the session, consider the style and color of the clothing you’ll be wearing. You’ll want to keep in mind the time of year and the location of your engagement shoot. Plan and pack any accessories you’ll wear, such as jewelry, hats, or scarves. Also, make sure your clothing is free of wrinkles–wrinkles are very difficult to Photoshop out.

3. Hair and Makeup:

Schedule hair and makeup appointments if you opt for professional styling. We highly recommend scheduling your wedding hair and makeup trial to coincide with your engagement session. This way, you’ll be able to get an idea of how long hair and makeup will take on your wedding day (which is very helpful to know when planning your wedding day timeline), and you’ll be able to see how it looks in photos. So if there’s anything you’d want to adjust with the look, you’ll have an idea well before your wedding day.

4. Props and Personal Touches:

If you have any props or personal touches that are meaningful to you and your partner, be sure to bring them along. They can really help to add a little more flair and personality to your shoot.

5. Create a Shot List, Just in Case:

If there are any poses you’ve seen that you’d like to recreate or are inspired by, be sure to share them with us prior to your shoot. Seeing your ideas in advance helps us to prepare and know how to guide/direct you to doing those poses.



6. Weather Check:

Weather can be unpredictable at times! For any outdoor location that is chosen, be sure to have a backup location in mind in case of inclement weather.

7. Rest and Hydration:

Get a good night’s sleep before the session to look and feel your best. You want to have all of your energy for your photo shoot so your photos can look bright and energetic. Staying hydrated is important, too. Hydration will keep your skin clearer and glowing which translates very well into your photos.

8. Arrival Time:

Ensure you arrive at the location with plenty of time to spare. Being punctual helps you relax and get comfortable before the session starts. You definitely don’t want to be rushing going into your shoot. Timeliness is essential, especially when timing outdoor photoshoots and the natural light changing. The look of the light changes every minute and we plan our shoots around the time the light is most flattering.

9. Relax and Be Yourselves:

Of course, this is easier said than done while being in front of the camera. Sometimes just pretending that there’s no camera there and just letting your true selves show is the best way to go. We will definitely be guiding you every step of the way to capture you who you are in the best way possible. So just relax, be yourselves, and enjoy the experience!

10. Positivity and Emotion:

Approach the session with a positive attitude and open hearts. Expect that we are going to capture all of the gorgeousness that you and your partner embody and that you’re going to have a great time. Allow your genuine emotions to shine through for beautiful and authentic photos.

11. Backup Supplies:

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen. Things can rip, small items can get lost or go missing. Be prepared with backups for essentials. Carry important items like tissues, backup pair pants or a shirt, a brush or comb, or a small mirror for quick touch-ups during the shoot, for example.

12. Have Fun:

Most importantly, have fun during your engagement session. Let your love and excitement for your upcoming wedding shine through, and enjoy the experience of capturing this special time in your lives.


Remember that an engagement session is not just about the photos; it’s also an opportunity to connect with your photographer and become more comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. Enjoy the process, and the resulting photos will reflect the joy and love you share as a couple.