What You Need to Know: Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer, Part 2

Choosing your wedding photographer will be one of the biggest decisions you make for your wedding day. There are so many things that you need to know in order to make an informed decision. In this post, we will continue with listing some important questions you should ask your wedding photographer.


Delivery Timeline:

  • How long will it take to receive the edited photos?
    All photographers have different timelines of when they would deliver your wedding gallery. For us, we send a preview gallery within a few days of your wedding. For the full wedding gallery, we have an eight-week turnaround time.
  • Do you provide high-resolution digital files?
    Some photographers may do this, while others don’t. Typically, photographers that deliver digital images will only provide the edited, full-resolution image. Photographers usually won’t provide the unedited, original file.  If the unedited, original file is provided, it is usually available for a very significant additional fee.
  • Is there an option for prints or albums?
    If your photographer offers these, it is best to purchase these items through them. The reason for this is that professional photographers have access to premier printing labs that are only available to working professionals. You can know that the product you receive will be of the best quality and last much, much longer than consumer-friendly options. Here at Eliza Jane Photography, we do have options for prints and albums.

Backup Plan:

  • Do you have backup equipment in case of technical issues?
    Your photographer should be taking necessary precautions to ensure that should any accidents or technical errors occur, they won’t miss a beat with capturing your special day. We have backup camera bodies, lenses, batteries, and memory cards, so if something happens, you won’t have to worry. We’ve got you (and your wedding day) covered!
  • What’s your plan if you can’t make it to our wedding due to unforeseen circumstances?
    Life happens sometimes. What is your photographer’s plan should the unthinkable happen and they are no longer able to cover your day? We have contingency plans in place–if we were to get into a car accident on the way to your venue, we have photographers on standby that would be available to step in so your day does not go uncovered. We would provide the other photographer’s information to your coordinator in advance so if they are unable to get in touch with us, they could contact the photographer on standby.If something happens prior to your wedding day and we are no longer able to make it to your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, we would provide a suitable and comparable photographer to capture your day in our stead.

Shot List and Special Requests:

  • Can we provide a list of specific shots we want?
    Every photographer is different. Some photographers may ask for you to provide a list of the photos you want. Others may not. Be sure to keep in mind that no one photo is guaranteed–there are so many moving parts on a wedding day, with things constantly changing, and/or be shifted around, that every single photo you want on your list may or may not be captured. There are certain photos that are “standard” to wedding photographers: for example, your first kiss, reactions of coming down the aisle, putting on your dress, wedding party formal photos, etc. But if there are certain photos that you just have to have, be sure to communicate that with your photographer.Also, be sure to provide a list of family members you want your formal photos with. That will make family photo time go a lot smoother. 🙂
  • Will you capture candid moments as well as posed shots?
    This is something that goes along with the photographer’s style. The answer to this varies by photographer. There should be elements of both in your wedding photos. For example, your formal photos you take with your parents and grandparents is a photo that we would normally pose. Your first dances would be completely candid. That is something we would not pose. How many posed photos and how many candid photos depends on your photographer’s style.

Team and Assistants:

  • Will there be a second shooter or assistant photographer?
    Some photographers have second shooters while others don’t. Some may include second photographers at higher price points. We include a second photographer at every price point because it is the way that we ensure that all aspects of your day are being covered.
  • What role will the second shooter play during the wedding?
    The way photographers utilize their second shooters varies by photographer. For us, we use second shooters to essentially divide and conquer. During the first part of the day, I will be with one partner while our second shooter is with the other, capturing them getting ready. We capture different angles during the first look so we would get both of your reactions. During the ceremony, we are capturing multiple angles so we make sure we get everything. During cocktail hour, our second shooter is with your guests, while I would be with you capturing your couple’s photos or anything else you may need.


  • What is your attire for the event?
    Typically, photographers wear dark colors while shooting so our clothing doesn’t reflect onto what you’re wearing. For us, we typically wear black skirts or slacks, and black blouses or dress shirts.
  • Do you require a meal during the wedding?
    Most photographers (not all) will require a meal for themselves and their additional photographers during the wedding, if working over six hours. We are with you every step of the way on your wedding day so it wouldn’t be possible to step away to grab food from another place without missing part of your day.


Stay tuned for Part 3! In the meantime, you can read Part 1 of  What You Need to Know: Questions to Ask Your Photographer for more questions to ask.